Can I Get Braces As An Adult?

March 26, 2022 by DentSmile

Every person wants a smile that’s bright, healthy, and most importantly, straight. Now, many adults may have thought they escaped getting braces by making it through their teen years without having to get metal brackets stuck to their teeth, but they’re not in the clear yet! There are a variety of reasons why adults may require getting braces, and if you are thinking about this option, it’s essential that you know you’re not alone!

“Am I too old?” is a question our dental clinic in Park City, IL, hears frequently. Finding the best option for ones’ smile is critical, no matter how old or young the patient is. Having issues with the alignment of your teeth has a huge impact on self-esteem; however other problems often outway those of cosmetic concern. Do you have improperly positioned teeth and think it might be time for braces but are worried that you are too old for them? Don’t worry; keep reading because the specialists at our renowned dental center have the answers you have been looking for!

The Benefits of Getting Fitted with Braces as An Adult

Many adult patients have the same common concern; they don’t think that wearing metal in their mouth is worth that hassle, even if they do help straighten the teeth. Getting the proper treatment is essential, and sometimes wearing brackets for a little while is one of the easiest options. Unknown to many, there are a variety of benefits that adult patients will enjoy after a short braces treatment. Many of the reasons people over the age of 25 are investing in braces include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Major dental work forces patients to break the bank, and it’s understandable why they want to avoid it at all costs. Braces are an affordable option for a cleaner and straighter smile for adult patients, alongside your insurance and our incredible dental payment plans.
  • Short-term: Have you noticed that your teeth are taking away from your overall appearance and need a solution right away? Due to the advancements in orthodontic therapies, patients no longer have to wear braces for several years and instead have a short-term therapy plan for better teeth.
  • Boosted self-esteem: The moment your teeth align and straighten into place, our specialists guarantee that you will look and feel more like yourself, being more confident to show off those pearly whites.

These are just a few of the seemingly endless benefits adults will enjoy when choosing this particular dental treatment in Park City, IL, with Beautiful Smiles Dental Center. Our therapists are ready to discuss all of the advantages and disadvantages with you, ensuring that you make the most informed decision for your dental fitness.

Witness Major Improvements in Your Overall Health

One of the common misconceptions patients have over the entire field of medicine is when one part of the body is negatively affected, it only affects that particular spot. Dental health is an example of the connectivity that each body part has to the other! Teeth alignment especially plays an essential role in the overall health of the body, and straighter teeth are guaranteed to improve a patient’s life drastically. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Closing major gaps in the teeth or spreading them out when they are overcrowded allows patients to breathe and eat easier. This directly helps the heart, blood flow, and nutrition in a patient’s body.
  2. Poor oral health caused by crooked or misaligned teeth will lead to the build-up of plaque and harmful bacteria. This is even more harmful to older patients as this bacteria will enter the bloodstream and has the potential of causing cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Braces will allow for easier cleaning of the teeth, dramatically reducing the risk of plaque and bacteria build-up.
  3. Higher risk of tooth loss and fractures are also caused by misaligned and overcrowded teeth. This will directly affect chewing, breathing, and self-esteem. Additionally, patients will have to pay lots of money for tooth transplants or dentures.

After patients go through an effective braces treatment, they will find that many of their previous dental conditions have gone away. While it’s not the most attractive or comfortable option, it is worth the time and money, especially when the main reason is to improve the overall health.

Getting Braces Doesn’t Mean Having Them For Years

Traditionally, the moment a child or teen had braces put on meant years of an altered appearance, saying goodbye to their favorite foods, constant trips to the dental clinic, and so much more. However, with the constant changes and advancements in Orthodontics, a long treatment isn’t necessarily the answer. Beautiful Smiles Dental Center specialists use the latest appliances, technology, and techniques to straighten teeth quicker than ever before. Brace therapy and the materials used have been engineered and upgraded to apply more force for a short period of time instead of a small amount over an extended period of time like before. Get the results and modifications you need quickly with our #1 dental clinic in Park City, IL.

Traditional Metal Braces Are No Longer The Only Option

Yes, you read that right! Metal brackets are no longer the only choice that patients have for a healthier smile. At Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, our mission is to provide plenty of treatments for our patients, giving them total control! Invisalign is a new and innovative therapy that consists of clear aligners to straighten misaligned and overcrowded teeth. Clear braces work the same way as traditional metal brackets with one big difference; they blend so well with the teeth that you and others will hardly notice they are there. Other advantages include:

  • Being removable
  • No longer having to avoid certain foods & drinks
  • Easier teeth and gum cleanings
  • Less harmful
  • Blending well with patients’ busy lifestyle

During your primary consultation with your dental expert at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, ask about the benefits of Invisalign and how it will improve your smile without taking away from your complexion.

The Answer: Are Metal Braces or Clear Aligners Appropriate for Adults?

Now, the answer that you have been waiting for! Are metal brackets or clear aligners for adults? YES! No matter the age of the patient, should our dental professional determine whether or not you are a candidate for braces or aligners, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of them. However, the only way you will know for sure is during a scheduled consultation with our clinic.

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