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Gurnee & Park City IL Dental Vaneers Vs Commetic Crowns Vs Dental Bonding

Dental Veneers Vs Cosmetic Crowns in Park City, IL

Restorative dental treatments are the answer to overcoming many common dental problems. These treatments can fix issues such as discolored, misaligned, or chipped teeth. Of the range of restorative dental treatments in Park City, Illinois available, dental veneers & cosmetic crowns are amongst the most popular.

But which treatment is best and why might your dentist suggest one over the other?

It’s time to take a closer look at restorative treatments that could transform the look of your smile, now & for many years to come…

How are Dental Veneers and Cosmetic Crowns Similar?

The first similarity between veneers and crowns is that they’re both restorative treatments. This means that they’re designed to restore the natural look of your teeth. Each treatment works by covering one or multiple teeth with an additional layer, often resulting in exceptional improvement to the look, feel, and function of your teeth. The procedures for veneers and crowns are somewhat similar in the fact that part of the tooth must be removed before the coverings can be attached.

  • Dental Veneers, it’s normally just some of the enamel layer that’s removed.


  • Cosmetic Crowns can require upwards of 50% of the tooth to be removed.

Both covering types can also be fairly strong, although crowns are normally more durable, and porcelain and resin can be used for both treatments. Also, both treatments are custom-designed to fit the needs of the individual & they’re normally permanent. If a crown or veneer breaks, gets damaged, or must be removed, then typically it will need to be replaced. The replacement, just like the original treatment, is fully customized. Veneers and crowns are both designed to match the color of the surrounding teeth and fit perfectly onto the tooth.

How are Dental Veneers & Cosmetic Crowns Different?

Veneers and crowns differ in the amount of tooth that needs to be removed and in strength, but there are plenty more differences between the two restorative treatments. Crowns and veneers have a different design and are generally chosen for different reasons.

A veneer is a very thin shell that’s carefully fitted to the front of a tooth, where it changes the appearance of the tooth. A crown is more like a cap that’s designed to completely cover a tooth, again changing the appearance.

Normally your dentist will suggest a veneer if the damage to your teeth is purely cosmetic, such as in the case of discoloration. Yet, crowns are often chosen if your teeth need additional protection or if there’s a problem with the function of your teeth. As crowns are generally more substantial than veneers, they can improve function and aesthetics at the same time.

What About Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is the third dental restoration treatment that’s often suggested as an alternative to veneers and crowns. The unique treatment is a little different to the other two treatments, but also has some similarities.

The purpose of cosmetic bonding – to restore – is the first thing that the treatment has in common with veneers and crowns. Cosmetic bonding is an effective treatment to tackle discoloration, chipped teeth, and some instances of tooth decay. Like veneers and crowns, resin is used in cosmetic bonding, although unlike the other treatments, it’s the only option.

The cosmetic bonding procedure involves applying the resin material to the surface of a tooth and then curing it using a light. To achieve this bond, the tooth has to be altered slightly, although this is quite different to the processes involved in veneers and crowns, as generally the tooth only needs to be roughened slightly.

Cosmetic bonding normally requires only one session, and with the exception of matching the color of the surrounding teeth and hand-molding the resin to the correct shape, is not a customized treatment. Like veneers, cosmetic bonding is normally suggested for aesthetic improvements, although often not in such extreme cases as veneers.

Overall, cosmetic bonding is a less invasive option when compared to veneers and crowns but has the same main purpose – to improve the look and health of your teeth.

Which Dental Service is Best for You and Why?

With the similarities between veneers, crowns, and bonding, it’s not always easy to decide which dental service will be right for you.  Your dentist may suggest only one of the treatments as the best option to address the specific problems that you’re having with your teeth.

  • Cosmetic Bonding is often suggested when there’s only a small degree of aesthetic improvement needed to restore the look of your teeth, such as in cases of discoloration.
  • Dental Veneers are the intermediary option, typically used in cases of slightly more prominent aesthetic concerns, such changing the shape of a tooth.
  • Crowns are an effective solution for severely cracked teeth or when a tooth needs protection. In cases of severe aesthetic problems or issues with the function of your teeth, crowns are normally suggested.

The type of dental restoration treatment suggested will also depend on the condition of your teeth. For a greater insight into when veneers, crowns, and bonding are often used, take a look at what the treatments can correct, improve, enhance, and treat:

Dental Veneers:

  • Corrects – Tooth discoloration, chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, shape
  • Improves – Tooth color and appearance
  • Enhances – Tooth shape and aesthetics
  • Treats – Tooth misalignment, worn teeth, damaged teeth

Cosmetic Crowns:

  • Corrects – Cracked and broken teeth, tooth shape, aesthetic problems
  • Improves – Tooth color, appearance, and function
  • Enhances – Tooth shape and aesthetics
  • Treats – Weak teeth, decayed teeth, and broken teeth

Cosmetic Bonding:

  • Corrects – Gaps between teeth, discoloration, chipped teeth
  • Improves – Tooth color and appearance
  • Enhances – Aesthetics
  • Treats – Receding gums and damaged teeth

One of the best ways to determine which restorative treatment is right for you is to pay a visit to Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, your local dentist in Park City, IL. No matter which dental treatment is suggested for you, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a better looking and feeling smile.

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Routine Dental Exams in Gurnee, IL

New Year, new you! It’s time to finally take control of exactly what you want to achieve and make those positive changes that will turn 2019 into the best year yet – and why not, you’re worth it!

From boosting your confidence to helping you to take the next step up in your career, a routine visit to Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Gurnee is THE New Year’s resolution that’s going to give you the confidence to live your life exactly how you want to.

Here are seven reasons why routine visits to the dentist in 2019 is a resolution that should be at the top of your list this year…

Park City IL Gurnee Dental Center

1. Smiling Is Much Easier Than Frowning! Show off Your Full Smile with Whiter Teeth

Smiling is a great way to boost your self-esteem, but did you know that smiling is actually easier than frowning? The muscles used to smile are normally in better shape than the muscles used to frown, making a big smile much easier than a frown!

Whiter teeth could be the answer to making that smile land even more readily on your face this year. All it takes is just a single appointment at the dentist to refresh your teeth and give you a full smile that you’re truly proud to show off. With whiter teeth you can start off your New Year with much less effort and a much more contagious smile.

2. Believe in Yourself with a Job-Landing Smile

There’s a lot of power behind a great smile, so much so that it’s a crucial component to a successful job search! If a new career is your goal for the New Year, then a visit to the dentist is the perfect preparation for your next job interview.Gurnee Routine Dental Exams & Checkups at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

A great smile helps to build a connection, it shows that you’re calm and collected, and it can even fill those awkward gaps in conversation that nobody wants to experience in a job interview. So, how can a trip to the dentist help?

There are some amazing ways to improve your smile with regular trips to the dentist. Certain treatments, like Invisalign, are particularly brilliant for achieving a job-landing smile. These invisible braces can help to treat gapped teeth and overly crowded teeth, giving you a smile that’ll make any job interview less stressful.

3. Give Yourself a Confidence Boost with Dental Veneers

Confidence is the key to making positive changes about the way you want to live your life, so why should you have to deal with a lack of confidence in your smile? Dental veneers are an effective and straightforward way to regain confidence in your smile and boost your confidence levels overall!

Dental veneers can improve the look, shape, and size of your teeth to transform any smile into one that’s going to give you confidence in buckets. If you’re tired of being held back by the look of your smile, then visiting your dentist is the answer that you’ve been looking for.

4. New Year, New Diet? Smiling Can Help!

Diet-related goals are a staple of New Year’s resolutions, but did you know that your smile could be impacting how successful your diet is? Smiling has not only been proven to make you look thinner, but it can actually help you to lose weight! People with an optimistic outlook are much more likely to stick to healthy eating habits. A smile is invaluable to optimism, so the confidence that you have in your smile is very important.

There are a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can restore the look of your smile quickly and easily. Based on your desired new look, your dentist will be able to suggest the best treatment for you; from fillings to restoring the natural appearance of your teeth to bonding that will sculpt your teeth for a fully restored smile, there are plenty of options available.

5. Boost Your New Year’s Mood with Orthodontics

Smiling and happiness go hand in hand; people that smile readily are often a lot happier and have a greater well-being. When you smile, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin are released, instantly making you feel great, and actually helping to improve your health at the same time.

There’s so much benefit to smiling that you certainly should never feel like you have to hold a smile back. Orthodontic treatment at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center can help to banish any worries that you might have about letting that smile loose and enjoying the burst of happiness a smile brings!

Orthodontics are the ideal solution to misalignment; they can help to straighten your smile, boost oral health, and increase your willingness to smile.

6. Regain the Freedom to Enjoy Yourself with Dentures

Oral problems can lead to serious issues with what you can and can’t eat comfortably, and even how comfortable it is to talk or smile. Thankfully, routine trips to the dentist could mean that you have less restrictions on your diet and much more freedom to enjoy yourself in the New Year!

Dentures are an incredibly popular solution for people who have lost one or more of their teeth and who are tired of limiting what they can do because of it. By visiting your Dentist in Gurnee you could reclaim the lost freedom, broaden your diet, and regain the comfort of your smile – a change that could completely transform your life this year.

7. People with a Genuine Smile Are More Likely to Live Longer!

A recent  study showed that the span of your smile can determine your Routine Dental Checkup - Dentist in Gurnee & Park City IL - Dentist Office Visitlifespan. The research indicates that having a big genuine smile could even add seven years to your life! If there was a single reason to make routine visits to your dentist part of your New Year’s resolutions in 2019, then this is it.

Smiling more often can …

  • Reduce Stress Hormones, like cortisol
  • Increase endorphin levels
  • Decrease your blood pressure

Amongst many other health benefits – there really are plenty of reasons to smile!

Regular check-ups at the dentist can make sure that your oral health is kept in check, so you never need to worry about your ability to smile. From preventive treatments, like regular examinations and cleaning, to advice on overall oral health, your dentist can help you to achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams.

Not every New Year’s resolution will last, but when regular visits to the dentist is on your list, you’ll really start to see some amazing lasting benefits. From improved mental and physical health, to more confidence in pursuing new opportunities in your life, there are benefits in this resolution that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.

Routine Dental Exams & Checkups in Gurnee, IL

If you’re tired of your smile limiting your opportunities and want 2019 to be the year that you finally take control of everything you want to achieve, then a visit to Beautiful Smiles Dental Center is an essential addition to your 2019 New Year’s resolutions list.

Oral Health Tips – Keep Your Mouth Healthy & Fresh

Beautiful Smiles Dental - Gurnee, IL

If you’re partial to a spot of over-indulgence at Halloween (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then you may be worried about just what all that candy is going to do to your teeth. Halloween is a time when candy and treats are out in force, but a sweet tooth shouldn’t stop you keeping your mouth and teeth healthy!

We’ve put together some excellent tips to help you keep your smile looking perfect, without having to completely forgo the Halloween treats. Following our top tips for a healthy mouth will make sure that your smile is just as radiant after Halloween as it is before.

Without further ado, here are the top oral health tips for this Halloween:

Tip One: Watch How Much Soda You Drink

Soda is one of the worst liquids that you can drink for a healthy and fresh month, especially at Halloween when there are even more sweet treats around than normal. It’s well-known that the sugar in soda can damage your teeth but so can the ingredients used in soda to create the fizz.

The high acid content of soda can cause the tooth surface to slowly decay which can increase your risk of getting cavities and other serious tooth problems that’ll require a trip to the closest general dentistry practice.

Tip Two: Make Sure You Floss Your Teeth

Flossing your teeth is a great healthy mouth habit to fall into, and if you don’t already floss, then there is no better time to start than just before Halloween. While flossing should never replace brushing, the two oral care methods should always be used together, as floss can reach areas that a toothbrush can’t.

There are endless benefits to flossing in the right way; it can stop bad breath, lower tartar build-up, and even reduce the risk of getting gum disease. Adding flossing to your oral care routine is a brilliant way to keep your mouth healthy throughout the year.

Tip Three: Brush Your Teeth After Eating Sweet Food

For good oral care you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but when you’re eating sugary foods, it’s also important that you brush your teeth after every snack during the day.

While it’s always advised to avoid sugary food in excess, at Halloween that’s not always possible, which means that good brushing habits are even more important. Sugar that remains in the mouth for prolonged periods of time will increase the likelihood of tooth decay.

Tip Four: Invest in a Good Toothbrush & Toothpaste

There is a big difference between brushing your teeth with the right toothbrush and toothpaste and brushing your teeth with the wrong toothbrush and toothpaste. Just a little change to your current products could greatly enhance the effectiveness of each brush.

Sugar is definitely an ingredient that you want to avoid in your toothpaste, whilst fluoride is a very important ingredient to ensure that your toothpaste contains as it helps to prevent cavity problems. For toothbrushes, it’s essential to replace your toothbrush at least every few months and choose one with soft bristles, unless otherwise recommended by the experts at your general dentistry.

Tip Five: Learn How to Brush Your Teeth Effectively

Once you have the right toothbrush and toothpaste, for optimum mouth care, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct brushing techniques. Brushing should be gentle but very thorough, with each tooth being brushed at least 10 times.

If you’re not 100% sure about the right technique for brushing, then it’s worth getting advice for you and your family from a family dentistry practice, who will be able to make sure that every member of your family, young and old, is following the right techniques.

Tip Six: Make Sure That You Visit the Dentist

Visits to your general dentistry or family dentistry should be regular to ensure that your mouth is always healthy and fresh. However, if you’re planning to give into the temptation of sugary treats this Halloween, booking a dentist appointment is more important than ever.

Your dentist will be able to advise you on preventive dental treatments for long-term mouth care and cleaning treatments to ensure that any sugary snacks this Halloween don’t damage your teeth in the long-run. You’ll also be able to talk with your dentist about restoration services in the worst-case scenario of tooth decay and discuss your overall oral health. 

Halloween may be a time of the year that is filled with sugary temptation, but it doesn’t have to be a time of year where your mouth has to suffer the consequences of a little extra cake or candy. With the right flossing and brushing techniques, and a little extra care, Halloween will be all treats and no tricks.

If you’re concerned about the sugary treats this Halloween, then there is no better place to pay a visit than to your general dentist.


Tips Bad Breath - Beautiful Smiles Dental in Gurnee, IL

Dental Hygiene Tips for Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common problem, yet it can destroy your confidence and make you feel very self-conscious, even if the problem is not your fault. The embarrassing problem certainly doesn’t give off the best first impression, which is why it’s so important to give you back your confidence and tackle the problem head-on.

If you’re suffering from bad breath and haven’t been able to find a solution, then one of our top tips for bad breath should be able to help. Here are 20 of the most effective ways to solve your bad breath problem once and for all:

Dental Hygiene: 20 Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

  • Floss Every Day

Flossing is an essential part of good oral hygiene and should be something that you do every day. By flossing your teeth you’ll get rid of any food debris that will otherwise provide a food source for bacteria. Sometimes, just brushing your teeth isn’t enough!

  • Rinse Your Mouth

Rinsing your mouth out with water will get rid of any lurking food particles and help to combat the problem of bacteria growth. Just a quick rinse of water can refresh your mouth mid-day and keep bad breath problems away.

  • Clean Your Tongue

It’s not just your teeth that need to be cleaned, you should also make sure that you regularly clean away the bacteria on your tongue. Scraping or brushing your tongue will get rid of the residue that can gather between your taste buds and cause bad breath.

  • Try Chewing Citrus/Spices/Herbs

Chewing on citrus fruits, spices like fennel and cloves, and herbs like mint and parsley can help to neutralize any odors in your mouth, fight bacteria, and provide stimulation to the saliva glands – all helping to combat the problem of bad breath!

  • Brush Your Teeth

The most essential oral hygiene tip of all is to brush your teeth twice a day, every day. Brushing your teeth removes bacteria, plaque, and food which is essential for eliminating bad breath. Each round of tooth brushing should last at least 2 minutes and you should make sure that you’re brushing all your teeth properly.

  • Get a Better Toothbrush

Not all toothbrushes are built evenly, some have soft bristles, and some have stiff bristles, with a whole range of styles in between. Make sure you get the right toothbrush for your mouth, and stock up on a quality toothpaste at the same time! Replace your toothbrush regularly to make sure you’re always getting the perfect clean.  

  • Add More Veg to Your Diet

Acid is a key cause of bad breath and there are few healthier ways to balance the acid in your body than by consuming more alkaline promoting vegetables! Not only will you feel the benefit with a fresher smelling breath but your whole body will feel the affects of a more veggie-packed diet.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking is a major contributor to bad breath as it dries the mouth and leaves an unpleasant lingering smell. To solve the problem of smelly breath, you’ll need to kick the habit.

  • Chew Sugarless Gum

Sugarless gum is much better than mints for solving bad breath problems. Chewing gum will encourage saliva flow which will help to rid your mouth of bacteria and any residual food. See More Info HereChewing Gum Can Prevent Cavities

  • Drink More Water

A dry mouth is not conducive to fresh breath, to keep your mouth hydrated, it’s important to make sure that you’re drinking enough water every day, around 48 ounces should do the trick.

  • Avoid Smelly Foods

This is one top tip that needs very little explanation, if you eat smelly foods then your breath is going to suffer the consequences. Try to avoid foods like onions and garlic where possible, as the smell will linger on your breath.

  • Use Mouth Wash Regularly

Mouth wash isn’t a cure to bad breath, but it is an option if you’re struggling to cope with the problem. Make sure you consult your dentist before choosing a mouth wash, as not all of them will help with the issue.

  • Clean Your Dentures

If you have dentures or other dental appliances, then it’s important to keep them clean. Dentures should be cleaned properly every day to remove food and plaque.

  • Ditch Sticky Foods

Sticky foods are much more likely to leave residue in your mouth than clean foods. The longer that food sticks around in your mouth, the more likely you are to experience bad breath.

  • Eat More Crisp Fruit and Veg

Crisp vegetables and fruit like carrots and apples are wonderful healthy treats that can also combat bad breath quite effectively. Crisp veg stimulates saliva and prevents bad breath that occurs when you skip meals.

  • Get Your Gums Treated

One cause of bad breath is gum disease, a problem that many people suffer from. Make sure that you make regular appointments with your dentist to assess the health of your gums and stay on top of any treatment that’s suggested.

  • Take Antacids and Probiotics

Antacids can help with bad breath that is brought on by stomach problems. Taking over-the-counter antacids and eating more probiotic-rich food will help to promote good bacteria growth and return your breath back to its normal freshness.

  • Avoid Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee is very acidic which can be a cause of bad breath. Switching your morning coffee to water or low-acid drinks, like green smoothies, will help to combat bad breath throughout the day. Even just lowering your coffee intake can put you on the right path to fresher smelling breath.  

  • Keep Breath Gels on Hand

As a quick-fix to mid-day bad breath, breath gels are great to have on hand. These are an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t like to chew gum; they can help with bad breath and encourage the growth of gum tissue.

  • Pay Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Our final tip is one that should be taken on board on a regular basis to improve your oral hygiene overall and take care of your bad breath. Regular visits to a dentist will make sure that the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums is closely monitored and that any problems that may be contributing to your bad breath are identified quickly.

Put an End to Bad Breath

Bad breath can be the result of a number of conditions and common problems, but it doesn’t have to rule your life and decide what you are and aren’t comfortable doing!

By working your way through our list of tips for banishing bad breath you’ll improve your oral hygiene and tackle bad breath at the source, giving you more confidence in your smile and no reason to hide.

If you’re still suffering from the problem of bad breath, then booking an appointment with a top- notch dental care center is essential, as there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed before you can say goodbye to bad breath once and for all.

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