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The question on everyone’s minds, when will we be open?

Let me start by saying that we sincerely hope you are all doing well and staying home to help flatten the curve.

We have never gone through anything like this. The uncertainty is difficult to deal with. However, my team and I have never been so certain about how much we love our profession, our office, and especially seeing all of you in person.
Your countless messages through messenger either with questions or just words of support and comfort are priceless to all of us.

Due to the stay-at-home mandate and the recommendations of the ADA, WHO, and CDC, we will remain closed until the first week of May.

We understand many of you have appointments set up for the month of April.
As our reopening day approaches we will be contacting you to reschedule your appointments.

Please do not worry, we will be adding days to our work week to try to accommodate your needs and will prioritize treatment that is urgently needed.

Please remember to keep a positive outlook and focus on the things you can control.
Stay home, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, if you must go out, please wear a mask and glasses if possible. Most importantly, let’s take this time to reflect on ourselves, our goals, and to spend time with our families.

Please remember that I am only a message away, ready to answer any questions or help with any emergencies or just to say hello.
We are all in this together and we will come out of this together.

Sincerely yours,

Dr Gálvez

NOTE: We’ll keep updating this page with the newest information. You can keep checking here or our Facebook page for the latest information.


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