The clear alternative to traditional braces!


Beautiful Smiles Dental Center offers Invisalign—an invisible alternative to traditional orthodontic care.

Treatment with Invisalign allows us to create a custom care plan for you and craft specific invisible retainers to fit your teeth. This means maximum comfort and maximum results with minimal intrusion into your daily life.

The Invisalign system has the following benefits:

  • Can be removed
  • Has no rough or sharp edges
  • Is less irritating and damaging to gums
  • Does not force you to change your diet or habits

In order to keep your alignment progressing quickly, our dentists can create new retainers for you every two weeks; allowing you to see your progress and maximize your results.

Since Invisalign is a highly customized form of dental care, you can experience the full abilities of our highly skilled and experienced group of dental professionals.

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