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Dentures offer a remarkable solution to people who have lost one or more teeth, and who are looking to have their beautiful smile restored.

As you progress through life, the chances are that you’ll visit a dentist for a wide range of reasons. Some of these reasons are non-emergencies, like regular check-ups, but some of them may be much more serious. One reason why a large number of people visit their dentist every year is because they have lost one or more of their teeth.

Losing a tooth in childhood is often not a cause for concern, it’s a normal part of growing up and there’s the assurance that a new, adult tooth, will grow in its place. Losing a tooth as an adult can be a much more stressful occurrence, as you know that once the tooth is gone, a new one isn’t going to appear.

This dental emergency can be very concerning, but it’s a lot more common than many people think. More than a hundred million adults in the U.S have lost a tooth, and many have lost more than one. While it’s good to know that you’re not alone, the likelihood is, you want a fast solution to restoring your smile.

Thankfully, as dental treatments have developed over the years, more than one outstanding solution for restoring lost teeth has emerged. One of these solutions, that’s incredibly popular, is the option of having dentures fitted.

At the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, one of the areas that we specialize in is denture treatment, offering the residents of Chicago a high-quality, professional dental service to restore the look of their smile.

What Are Dentures?

Commonly called false teeth, dentures are one of the most common solutions for replacing one or more missing teeth. Unlike some options, dentures are completely removable, which means that the denture can be taken out and cleaned, before being fitted back into the mouth.

The appearance of dentures changes depending on what type of denture you require fitting: a partial denture is used to replace some missing teeth and a full denture is used to replace all teeth. Full dentures have a full base and are fitted over the gums or the roof of the mouth, while partial dentures are created with a metal framework that can be slotted into place.

While dentures won’t feel completely like natural teeth, they’re designed to feel as comfortable and as natural as possible. After having dentures, many people can return to eating and speaking like normal.

Why Are Dentures Needed?

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a replacement, however, many people choose to have their missing teeth replaced to give them back their confidence in the look of their smile.

There are other reasons why having dentures fitted is an important decision, as a missing tooth can affect your mouth in more ways than just appearance. Having a missing tooth can cause every day functions of the mouth to be different, such as chewing and speaking.

If you have a missing molar then it may be very difficult to eat certain foods, and a missing tooth in any part of your mouth can change the way that you speak. Both of these changes can impact your confidence, making you worry about speaking or eating certain foods.

A missing tooth can also cause facial changes and problems with your jaw, as the tooth that used to be there played an important role in supporting your jaw. Some people may notice that their cheeks have a more sunken appearance after losing one or more teeth, and an increased number of wrinkles around the mouth is also a common side-effect.

The purpose of dentures is both to restore the look of a person’s smile and to restore the function of their mouth, making it easier to eat and talk, preventing the cheeks from sinking, protecting the jaw muscles, and stopping any other alterations to facial appearance.

The Types of Dentures

Dentures are available in three main types: conventional/full, partial, and immediate. Your dentist will either suggest partial or full dentures, depending on how many teeth are missing, and may also offer immediate dentures, if you’re concerned about the look of your smile whilst your dentures are being created.

Conventional/Full – A full denture is a removable set of false teeth that’s used when all of a person’s bottom or top teeth are missing, either due to problems with the teeth that required them to be removed, or due to an accident that has caused the teeth to fall out. For the bottom teeth, the denture will have a horseshoe-like appearance, and is designed to rest on the gums, while for the top teeth, the denture will take the form of a plate that’s fitted to the roof of the mouth.

Partial – A partial denture is used when a person has lost one or more of their teeth, but not all of them. Like a conventional denture, a partial denture is removable, but the appearance of the denture is slightly different. Taking the form of a metal framework, the partial denture is attached to the natural teeth, with the false teeth attached to the denture then able to fill any gaps.

Immediate – An immediate denture is a little different to a conventional or partial denture in that it’s only designed to be used for a short amount of time before it needs to be realigned. This type of denture is fitted immediately after dental surgery, with the main purpose being to immediately restore the look of natural teeth. However, due to the reshaping of the bone in the mouth as it begins to heal, these dentures won’t retain their snug fit for long.

Options for Dentures

Another variance between dentures is the types of materials that are used to create them. Your Chicago dentist will provide you with multiple options for how you want the frame and teeth in the dentures to be created. The materials that you choose, or that are suggested for you, will alter the way that the denture looks and feels.

The Framework

There are three materials that are commonly used to make the framework for dentures: nylon, acrylic, or metal. Nylon is often chosen when a flexible base is required, acrylic denture bases can be dyed to match the natural color of the gumline, and metal bases are the strongest, but are often not very flexible.

The Teeth

Many denture teeth are made from either porcelain or acrylic resin. Porcelain is a good option for a natural-looking and feeling tooth, and for longevity, as porcelain is long-lasting. Acrylic resin is a cost-effective option as it’s generally less expensive than porcelain, it’s also quite strong and creates a very secure fit, however, an acrylic resin tooth will normally wear at a faster rate than the porcelain alternative.

The Benefits of Dentures

While there are many options available to restore a smile after one or more teeth have been lost, dentures offer an exceptional range of benefits, making them one of the most popular replacement options for a natural look and feel. Here are some of the main reasons why many people in Chicago choose dentures:

  1. Easier to Speak

Having one or more missing teeth can make it difficult to speak normally. With dentures, you can reclaim your natural speech, and get back to talking as you once did.

  1. More Comfortable to Eat

Many solutions to missing teeth restore the natural look but don’t provide a natural function. Dentures offer the natural look with the added benefit of increased comfort when eating. With no diet restrictions, you can enjoy your new look and your favorite food.

  1. Stays in Place

Even though they’re removable, dentures are designed to stay in place, which means that you never need to worry about them slipping when you’re eating or speaking.

  1. Improves Smile

The natural look of dentures will fit almost seamlessly into your smile, permanently giving you back the natural look and feel that you’re used to.

  1. Helps Jaw Muscles

Missing teeth can cause a range of problems, above and beyond an altered smile. Dentures help to support the jaw and facial muscles, so your facial features don’t start to change. Without a replacement tooth, or teeth, you may find that your cheeks begin to sink, and more wrinkles appear around the mouth area.

  1. Comfortable Solution

Dentures are one of the most comfortable solutions to solve the problem of one or more missing teeth. They not only look very natural, but they feel natural as well.

  1. Restores Confidence

Having dentures fitted to replace broken, damaged, or missing teeth is a wonderful way to give you back your confidence in the appearance of your teeth.

Getting Dentures at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

Before you can get dentures, you’ll have a consultation at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center with one of the professional dental practitioners. During this consultation, you’ll be able to discuss the best options for you going forwards and speak to an expert about whether dentures will be able to restore the look that you’re hoping for.

If you decide that you want to go forward with denture treatment, then one of the expert Beautiful Smiles Dental Center dentists will start with any necessary tooth removal that needs to take place. You’ll be taken through the main steps and told exactly what to expect from the treatment.

After any dental work has been performed, the dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth, which will allow the denture to be tailored to your mouth. Bite molds will also be taken to ensure that your new dentures will be comfortable, you’ll be able to select what kind of dentures you would like, and wax model will be taken.

Once you’ve fully healed and your denture is ready, it will be fitted. Your dentist will then walk you through how to look after it and how to get used to wearing it.

The treatment can differ from patient to patient, but at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, your dentist will always strive to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible, understand how the treatment will work, and get a result that matches what you were hoping for as closely as possible.

Why Choose the Beautiful Smiles Dental Centre in Illinois?

Losing a tooth, or many teeth, can be a worrying and scary experience, but with the expert dentists at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, restoring your smile will be a comfortable experience that will help to give you back your ability to eat, speak, and smile without worry.

Our dentists have years of experience helping patients around the Chicagoland area to smile again, with all the confidence that they once had in the look and feel of their teeth. We can help you to enjoy a healthier and pain-free smile, find the perfect denture match for your mouth, and give you all the advice you need when learning how to adapt to life with dentures.

If you’re worried that you may never enjoy a full smile again or are concerned that tooth removal may leave you lacking in confidence, contact the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, and we’ll make sure that you get the best treatment in Chicago from dental experts that you can rely on.

Call us on (847) 249-5700 today to arrange your free consultation, and start your journey to a beautiful and healthy smile.

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