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A professional service for every member of the family! From your child’s first dental appointment to specialist dental care later in life, at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, we believe expert dental care is important, no matter your age.


A True Family Atmosphere

Beautiful Smiles Dental Center – Family Dentistry Services in Gurnee, IL 

Family dentistry is an important and rewarding aspect of our practice. It is not a specific service, but a spirit and an attitude as well as a range of services. We operate as a family, and we would like to include your family as a part of our own.

We have created a true family atmosphere in their practice. This helps us build relationships with families who come in for treatment. People that become patients stay patients for a long time. When you become a patient, you are part of our family.

Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, can accommodate the dental issues of patients of every age. Our Gurnee, Illinois family dentists understand that different life stages bring different dental conditions. In order to be able to effectively treat the broad variety of dental issues affecting your family, our dentists have undergone extensive continuing education to remain up-to-date with the latest advances in the field.

Dental care is something that never loses its importance throughout your life. As you grow, the needs of your teeth start to change. From the care of your child’s baby teeth to routine tooth cleanings and your first fillings – visits to the dentist will follow you throughout your life.

As you and your children reach milestones, your dentist will be presented with new problems that are specific to your age. While many dentists specialize in a single age-group and the specific needs that occur during one period of a person’s life, a family dentist will be there to help you and your children through every milestone.

What is a Family Dentist?

Just like the professionals at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center who specialize in general dentistry, our team of expert family dentists are highly trained experts in their field. However, instead of having to visit multiple dentists for each member of your family, at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, our family dentists can cater for the whole family at once.

The Most Comprehensive Family Dentistry Treatment & Care

We offer more than just general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. We can handle any oral health issues you and your family members may have. Dr. Galvez can handle all of your needs in-house, providing added convenience to your dental care. Contact our family dentists today to schedule your initial appointment. Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, serves patients in the Gurnee, Waukegan and Park City, Illinois area.

A family dentist at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center will offer the same outstanding services as those provided in general dentistry but is able to offer every service to the entire family. As you and your children reach those milestones where different dentistry services are needed, your family dentist at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center will be able to take care of you with the same expert care.

Choosing a family dentist for yourself and your children, means that you’ll never have to go through the trouble of changing dentists in Chicago as your children grow up. The dentist at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center who performed a check-up on your baby after their first lost tooth, will be able to perform their first adult routine tooth cleanings or provide treatment for cavities, later in life.

Our expert family dentists can provide the following family dentistry services serves patients in the Gurnee, Waukegan, and Park City, IL area:

  • Detection of Cavity and Fillings
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Broken Crown Replacement
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Orthodontics Services
  • Fixing a Loose Filling
  • Routine Tooth Cleanings
  • Invisalign Fitting
  • Preventative Dental Treatment
  • Urgent Root Canal Treatment
  • Broken or Chipped Tooth Services
  • Dental Bridges Services

When you choose to visit a family dentist here at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Illinois, you’re able to build a trusting relationship with your dentist, knowing that they will be able to help you, no matter what dental care problem arises. Sometimes, just having that familiar face present during your routine check-ups and during any dental work, is all it takes to make the experience more comfortable.

This can be especially helpful for younger children who are having treatment for the first time, or who are worried about visiting the dentist. Seeing a familiar face can sooth some of that anxiety and make the whole experience easier. When you visit a family dentist at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, you really are treated just like family.

Choosing a family dentist in Gurnee (Park City, IL) has a number of key benefits for the whole family, including:

  • Appointments for every member of the family can be scheduled with ease
  • Flexible hours make fitting an appointment into a busy schedule much easier
  • Multiple dental services are available
  • You are being treated by a dentist that knows your families’ dental history
  • Anxiety can be reduced with a friendly face that you can trust
  • The additional experience means that services for every stage of development are available

At Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Chicago, we know just how to make a visit to the dentist as worry-free as possible, for individuals at all stages in life. Whether your children are just starting to learn the ins and out of oral hygiene, or you need urgent treatment – your Beautiful Smiles family dentist will be on hand to help.

Beautiful Smiles Dental Center – Expert Dental Care for The Whole Family

If regular dental care is introduced from a young age, and continued on through life, then the risk of problems developing is reduced. With a family dentist that personally knows your dental history, you get that peace of mind that any problems are going to be detected and treated as early on as possible – and the same goes for your entire family.

At Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, we know that you want the best for your family, and that starts with good health and wellbeing. With the ability to schedule appointments at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center for your entire family, and always visit a dentist that knows just what to look out for at every stage of development, you can rest assured knowing your family’s oral health is in good hands.

For professional family dental care, no matter your age, and a free consultation, you can call a member of our team today on (847) 249-5700. With ten years of experience in dental care, you can put your faith in us to make sure that your family is taken care of.

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