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At Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, we believe that educating our clients is the best way to improve their overall oral health and hygiene.

The team at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center want you to feel part of our happy family, and we’ll always offer you the highest standards of care. We offer general dentistry services to anyone of any age in the Gurnee, Wukegan and Park City areas, caring for all patients from toddlers to seniors.

Why Choose Beautiful Smiles?

With over a decade of experience in dentistry, our Beautiful Smiles team always make our patients our top priority. We strive to ensure all our patients have good mouth health and the smile they deserve. All of our team are highly professional, fully qualified, and dedicated to helping to prevent oral problems from occurring and treating issues as quickly as possible to help avoid unnecessary discomfort and suffering.

What Are Our General Dentistry Services here in Gurnee?

Our general dentistry service is a first defense against decay and other dental problems. We diagnose any potential problems, carrying out preventative treatments and cleaning so that serious problems won’t develop in the future. We recommend that everybody visits the dentist twice yearly so that potential issues are spotted and treated before they turn into a serious problem.

Preventative Treatments

The whole point of general dentistry is to prevent disease from taking hold inside the mouth, and through regular dental examinations, professional cleaning, and x rays, your tooth health will be maintained in the long term. We’ll advise you on how to care for your teeth at home, and preventative sealants are available as well as custom mouthguards for protection when participating in contact sports.

Restorative Services

Should a problem be spotted during your dental exam, we can carry out treatment to rectify the issue. We can remove decay and place a filling, and carry out emergency treatments if you have a broken, knocked out or loose tooth. We can diagnose the cause of your toothache, and spot gum disease before it takes hold. We can also offer bridgework, crowns and dentures as well as root canal therapy to repair damage under the gum line.

Overall Health

Not only do we care for your dental health, we also look for other medical conditions that affect other areas of your body. Your oral health is a reflection of your general health and we can often spot symptoms of problems like diabetes and cancer in the mouth. We also offer advice about nutrition, stopping smoking and general well-being information.

Our Range Of General Dentistry Services

We take pride in offering a broad range of general dentistry services that will protect your family’s smiles.

The services we offer include:


We offer all our new patients an initial consultation during which we examine their oral health and identify problems like gum disease and cavities. We may also perform diagnostic tests like x-rays, CAT scans, or we may make a wax mold for dentures.

Preventative Advice

We can offer you helpful advice about how to floss properly and how to brush your teeth in the most effective way. We’ll also advise you about which products best suit your individual requirements.

Routine Cleaning

We can carry out a scale and polish to remove any tartar and plaque to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.


We can carry out fillings to repair damage caused by tooth decay, trauma or wear. We remove damaged areas and restore them using composite resin, amalgam, porcelain or gold, restoring the tooth’s original appearance and providing a strong surface for chewing and biting.


We can create crowns to repair teeth that have suffered from extensive decay or damage. Made from gold, silver or porcelain, a crown fits over the tooth to help protect it and maintain its structure.


We can fit dental bridges to replace missing teeth. The bridge will be held in place with crowns that fit over the teeth on either side of the missing tooth for a more natural look.

Root Canal Treatments

For damage under the gum line, we can perform root canal therapy which removes infected tissue and replaces it with antibacterial filling and a protective crown to restore your tooth’s natural look.


Dentures can be used to replace a number of teeth which are missing due to accidents, extractions or disease. Dentures can be removed, however they perform and look similar way to your natural teeth.


We can perform bonding to repair chipped or cracked teeth. This process uses composite resin which is sculpted into the right shape, contoured, then polished to hide the damaged areas.

Maxillofacial And Oral Treatments

There are many treatments under this category including antibiotics to cure abscesses, procedures for TMJ and dental implants.


If you have misaligned teeth or malocclusions, we can straighten them with dental braces and retainers so your smile can be flawless.

Periodontal Treatments

If you have any signs of gum disease, we can carry out treatments to stop the problem from getting any worse. We can scale and clean the teeth at three-monthly intervals, offer medicated mouthwashes and show you how to floss more effectively. We can also carry out deep plane scaling and surgery for more advanced cases of periodontal disease.

How Often Should You See Your Dentist

Since the main focus of our general dentistry service is to spot problems before they take hold, regular appointments are essential. You should see your dentist every six months to get a clean and a checkup, but if you’re worried at any time about your teeth or oral health, you can make an appointment. Toothache or bleeding gums shouldn’t be ignored, so get a checkup and avoid the pain of future complications.

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Contact our general dentistry team today and find out how we can help you to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best. If you receive high quality dental care, you can be confident your teeth will stay healthy and beautiful, and if you attend appointments regularly, you will avoid any painful dental problems in the future.

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