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Are you experiencing severe toothache? Root canal treatment can help to address toothache and the other symptoms of infections in the root canal system.


Of the many dental procedures designed to improve oral health and prevent larger problems, root canal treatment is often one of the most worrisome for patients. While the idea of a root canal can be very scary, it’s actually one of the best treatments that you can have to stop major infection and keep your natural teeth intact.

Modern technology and techniques have transformed many dental procedures, including root canals. Treatment can help to alleviate the severe pain associated with root canal problems and restore your smile to its previous pain-free beauty.

If you’re experiencing serious tooth pain due to an infection in a root canal, then the experts at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center can help. Our dental experts are highly experienced at root canal treatment and use the latest technology and advancements to make what was once a painful procedure as pain-free and successful as possible.

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What Is a Root Canal?

Teeth are compromised of a number of parts, such as the hard coating on the exterior of the tooth, known as the enamel. A root canal is a cavity located in the root of the tooth that’s filled with a very soft tissue called pulp.

Every tooth usually has at least one root canal, but some have more than one. It’s often the case that premolars, for example, have two or three root canals, although the exact number of root canals per tooth does vary from person to person.

The pulp inside the root canal helps during the growth of the root, but once the tooth is fully developed, it’s normally no longer required. The tissues surrounding the tooth are able to provide a suitable level of nourishment once the tooth has fully developed.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Required?

Root canal treatment is only normally required in the event of an infection of the pulp inside of the root canal. This infection is the result of mouth bacteria entering the tooth and affecting the pulp. Once the infection has reached the pulp, it’ll begin to destroy the pulp, after which, the infection will be free to spread and cause further damage.
There are a number of reasons why bacteria may be able to reach the pulp and cause infection, including:

• When a tooth has been damaged, such as being chipped or cracked
• When there has been serious tooth decay
• When fillings are defective
• When there have been multiple dental procedures on the same tooth
• When large fillings have been required

In any instance where bacteria have been able to cause damage in a root canal, fast treatment is important to reduce the amount of damage sustained to the tooth and limit other damage. If you’re concerned that your tooth may be damaged, then you should contact the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Chicago, IL as quickly as possible.

The Symptoms of Pulp Damage

Damage to the pulp in a tooth’s root canal doesn’t normally occur without some symptoms to alert you of the problem. These symptoms will likely appear in two stages: the first set of symptoms will be the result of the infection in the pulp, and the second set of symptoms will be the result of the infection spreading.

The initial infection will likely cause pain when you’re eating, drinking or chewing. You may also notice that your tooth starts to become loose. The second set of symptoms can be more severe, and may include pain, swelling, alterations to tooth color, and pus appearing around the infected areas.

Acting quickly is of the upmost importance when dealing with severe dental problems like infections of the root canal. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, then don’t delay in contacting the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center to talk to an expert and arrange for an appointment to have your teeth examined.

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root canal treatment at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Chicago starts with identifying the full extent of the problem. First, we’ll take an x-ray to get a better understanding of how far the infection has spread. The x-ray will also provide your dentist with a clear view of the root canal shape and how many root canals the tooth has.

Once we’re ready to go ahead with the procedure, we’ll ensure you’re as comfortable as possible by administering a local anesthetic – this will make sure that pain is keep to an absolute minimum during the procedure. As soon as the anesthetic has completely numbed the area, and the area has been properly prepared, the main part of the procedure can begin.

The procedure will involve drilling a small hole into the tooth, that’ll provide suitable access to remove the pulp. The root canal will then be completely cleared of all signs of the infection, including the pulp and any debris. The cavity will be scraped, cleaned and flushed.

The next step of the procedure is to make the root canal larger, which will be achieved by filing the root canal. Then, the canal will either be filled, or in some cases where multiple root canals need to be treated, medication may be added to the root canal between appointments.

At the end of the procedure, your dentist will seal the tooth with either a permanent crown or filling, or a temporary filling if more treatment is required. If a temporary filling is used, then a second appointment will be required to remove the filling, finish the treatment and replace the filling with a permanent one.

If you would like to know more about root canal treatment, then you can contact the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center at any time to arrange to speak to one of our dental experts, who’ll be happy to discuss the treatment with you.

Recovery After Root Canal Treatment

After root canal treatment, you should expect the treated area to feel sensitive, which may last for a few days. You may also feel some discomfort, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. You’re unlikely to feel much pain after the treatment, but the level of pain will depend on the extent of the treatment and how severe the infection was before treatment.

If the procedure needs to be split into multiple appointments, then hard food should be avoided with a temporary filling, as there’s a risk that the filling could be damaged. It’s also important to take care of the treated area with a good routine of brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental check-ups.

After the procedure, your Beautiful Smiles Dentist will walk you through everything that’s required for a fast and healthy recovery.

Root Canal Treatment: FAQ

If you’ve never experienced a root canal treatment first-hand, then you may be unsure about just what you should expect from the procedure. Here are the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about root canals:

  • How Can Root Canal Problems Be Avoided?

Like many dental problems, root canal problems can be avoided to some extent with a good oral hygiene routine that includes regular dental check-ups and thorough brushing and flossing. Protecting your teeth when playing sports, visiting a dentist at the first sign of tooth pain, and avoiding hard foods and fizzy drinks can also help to prevent root canal problems.

  • Is There an Alternative to Root Canal Treatment?

Due to the severity of root canal problems, the only alternative to having root canal treatment is dental extraction. If you choose dental extraction instead of root canal treatment, it’ll mean the loss of your natural teeth, however, there are many options for tooth replacement after extraction. Implants and bridges are two popular options to restore the look of your smile and help with the restoration of natural function after extraction.

  • Will It Be Obvious That I’ve Had Root Canal Treatment?

The procedure for root canals is finished with the addition of a crown or filling, so while it won’t be obvious that you’ve had root canal treatment, it will appear like you’ve had a standard filling.

If you would like to know more about root canal treatment, or if you have any questions about the treatment, don’t hesitate to call the friendly team at the Beautiful Smiles Dental Center – we’re happy to provide advice and guidance on all our dental treatments!

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A root canal infection is a serious problem that can cause major damage to the health of your entire mouth. With professional root canal treatment, you can regain the full use of your teeth, without pain and without concern over the spread of infection.

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