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Dental implants are a popular and effective option for replacing missing teeth. They are a long-term solution that can help restore your smile and improve your oral health. However, to ensure that your dental implants last for a long time, proper care and maintenance are essential. Keep reading as we are going to discuss some of the top tips on how to properly take care of your dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small metal posts or frames that are surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. Once the implant is in place, it fuses with the jawbone and provides a stable base for a replacement tooth or teeth. The replacement teeth, which can be a crown, bridge, or denture, are attached to the implant using an abutment connector.

They are considered a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth because they provide many benefits, including improved oral health, speech, chewing ability, and a more natural-looking smile. Dental implants also help prevent bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when a tooth is missing. They are typically recommended for people who have lost one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or other oral health issues.

Now that we know what dental implants are, here are ways to properly take care of them: 

1. Brush and Floss Regularly

brush Regularly_Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

The golden rule for keeping up with your oral health, especially if you have dental implants, is brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. To properly maintain them, brush your teeth twice daily, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Floss your teeth at least once a day, making sure to clean between your dental implants and natural teeth.

2. Use an Antibacterial, Dentist Approved Mouthwash

Using an antibacterial mouthwash can significantly help reduce the risk of infection and keep your mouth clean. Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day. While there are plenty of options to choose from, make sure to consult with your dentist for the right mouthwash to utilize. Using the wrong type of mouthwash has the potential to seriously harm your teeth, gums, and teeth implants.

3. Avoid Hard or Sticky Foods

Avoid Beautiful Treats_Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

Dental implants are designed to be highly durable but not indestructible. Avoid hard or sticky foods that can damage or dislodge your implants. Also, avoid biting on complex objects, such as pens or pencils. General hard and sticky foods to involve when you have dental implants include:

  1. Hard candies
  2. Chewing on ice
  3. Popcorn
  4. Sticky candy, like taffy or caramel
  5. Nuts and seeds
  6. Hard bread and bagels

4. Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups

Aside from brushing and flossing your teeth, regular dental check-ups are one of the most important steps to take in ensuring that your dental implants are in the best possible condition. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE with your dentist at least twice a year for a routine dental exam and cleaning. Twice a year is the general recommendation for patients; however, make sure to consult with your dentist to develop a personalized treatment plan designed for your specific condition.

5. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking_Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

If you have dental implants, it is important to quit smoking to avoid potential problems that can compromise the health and longevity of your implants. Smoking can increase the risk of implant failure and a variety of oral health problems that can affect the success of your implant surgery. Here are some reasons why quitting smoking is crucial for dental implant success:

  • Reduced Blood Flow
  • Increased Risk of Infection:
  • Delayed Healing
  • Gum Disease

6. Wear a Mouthguard

Take the necessary steps to protect your implants from damage and preserve their longevity by wearing a mouthguard. Here are some reasons why a mouthguard is essential for patients that have dental implants:

  1. Protection During Sports: If you participate in sports or other physical activities, wearing a mouthguard can help protect your dental implants from impact and prevent them from becoming dislodged or damaged.
  2. Bruxism: Patients with this condition can put excessive pressure on your dental implants and cause them to shift or become damaged over time. Wearing a mouthguard at night can help prevent this type of damage.
  3. Implant Stability: A mouthguard can help support the stability of your dental implants by reducing the stress and pressure placed on them during daily activities.

Signs That You May Need a Dental Implant?

Determining whether or not you need dental implants can only be determined by a professional dentist. However, there are many signs that you may need dental implants, including the following:

Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental implant may be a good option for restoring your smile. Dental implants can replace individual teeth or support dental bridges or dentures.

Difficulty Chewing or Speaking

Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew food properly or speak clearly, affecting your overall quality of life. A dental implant can help restore normal chewing and speech function.

Gum Disease

You may be at risk of tooth loss if you have advanced gum disease. In this case, a dental implant may be necessary to replace missing teeth and restore oral health.

Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost, the bone tissue in the jaw can deteriorate over time. This can weaken the surrounding teeth and affect the stability of dental bridges or dentures. A dental implant can help prevent bone loss and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth.

Uneven Bite

If you have an uneven bite due to missing teeth, a dental implant can help restore proper alignment and improve your overall oral health.

Contact Beautiful Smiles Dental Center for Dental Implants Today

If you’re in Palos Park, IL, and are considering dental implants, Beautiful Smiles is a leading choice for your dental needs. Their team of experienced and skilled professionals offers a wide range of dental implant services to help restore your smile and improve your oral health. They use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure you receive the best possible treatment, and their compassionate approach to care ensures you feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout your visit. Beautiful Smiles is here to help. Schedule a consultation online today and take the first step toward a healthier, more attractive smile.


Missing teeth or teeth causing problems can significantly impact your oral health and quality of life. Dental implants offer a permanent and natural-looking solution for such teeth problems. Therefore, if your teeth are causing you pain and creating other dental issues, it may be time for dental implants. Keep reading to discover some of the main reasons why implants can help teeth that are causing problems.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small artificial tooth roots placed into the jawbone to provide a secure foundation for replacement teeth. They are typically made of biocompatible materials such as titanium and are designed to fuse with the jawbone over time, creating a stable base for the replacement tooth. They are typically used to replace one or more missing teeth but can also be used to secure dentures or bridges.

Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone through a surgical procedure, which is typically performed under local anesthesia. After the implant is in place, the jawbone will grow around it, creating a solid foundation for the replacement tooth. Once the implant has fused with the jawbone, an abutment (small connector) is placed on the implant, holding the replacement tooth in place. The replacement tooth, which can be a crown, bridge, or denture, is then attached to the abutment.

Dental implants have many advantages over traditional methods for replacing missing teeth, such as dentures or bridges. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth and help preserve the jawbone, which can prevent the face from appearing sunken. They also don’t require the adjacent teeth to be altered, and they don’t need to be removed for cleaning.

Here are some reasons why implants can help with teeth that are causing problems: 

Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance with Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to look and function like natural teeth. They are custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of your existing teeth, so they blend in seamlessly with your smile. This can significantly improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Improved Function

Dental implants are anchored securely in the jawbone, which provides a stable foundation for the replacement tooth. This allows you to eat, speak, and smile confidently without worrying about the implant shifting or falling out. Additionally, dental implants do not require the use of adhesives or unique cleaning solutions like traditional dentures.

Preservation of Jawbone

When a tooth is missing, the jawbone in the area begins to deteriorate. This can cause the face to appear sunken and make it difficult to fit dentures or bridges securely. Dental implants act as replacement tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone and help to preserve its integrity. This can also help to maintain the natural shape of your face.

Durable and Long-lasting

Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They do not require replacement like traditional dentures and bridges, which can save you time and money in the long run.

Dental implants are an excellent option for those with missing or damaged teeth. They provide an improved appearance, function, and jawbone preservation and are durable and long-lasting. If you’re experiencing problems with your teeth, talk to your dentist about whether dental implants may be the right solution for you.

What Dental Conditions Can Implants Help?

Dental implants can help a variety of dental conditions, including:

  1. Missing teeth: Implants can replace one or more missing teeth, providing a permanent and stable replacement that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth.
  2. Loose or ill-fitting dentures: Implants can be used to secure dentures, making them more stable and comfortable to wear.
  3. Bridges: Implants can be used to support a bridge, which can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.
  4. Bite and jaw problems: Dental implants can help restore proper bite and jaw function, alleviating pain and discomfort caused by missing or damaged teeth.
  5. Preservation of Jawbone: When a tooth is missing, the jawbone in the area begins to deteriorate. Dental implants act as replacement tooth roots, which stimulate the jawbone and help to preserve its integrity. This can also help to maintain the natural shape of your face.

It’s worth noting that before getting a dental implant, you should have proper oral health and enough bone density in the jaw to support the implant. A thorough examination and x-ray by a dentist would be required to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

When to See a Dentist About Dental Implants

It is recommended to see a dentist if you are experiencing any of the following:

  1. Pain or discomfort in the jaw or bite: If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your jaw or bite, dental implants can help to restore proper function and alleviate pain.
  2. Difficulty eating or speaking: Missing or damaged teeth can make eating or speaking difficult. Dental implants can provide a stable replacement for missing or damaged teeth, improving your eating and speaking ability.
  3. A desire for a more aesthetic smile: If you are self-conscious about your missing or damaged teeth, dental implants can provide a permanent and natural-looking replacement that can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

There are a wide variety of reasons a dentist may recommend a patient receive dental implants. However, booking an appointment with your local dentist is the only way to know for sure. They will undergo a thorough and detailed examination of the condition of your teeth and recommend the best treatment plan.

Contact Beautiful Smiles Dental Center for Dental Implants in Park City, IL

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced dental implant center in Park City, IL, look no further than Beautiful Smiles Dental Center. Our team of experienced and professional dentists and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality dental implant services that will meet your needs.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the best care and personalized treatment plans. Whether you’re looking to replace one missing tooth or multiple teeth, our dental implant options can provide you with a permanent and natural-looking solution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.


Dental Root Canal Treatment in Gurnee IL

Dental Root Canal Warning Signs

Dental root canals are difficult to identify; it is similar to figuring out whether or not you need a filling. It is challenging, especially during those first stages, to know if just better dental hygiene or major dental work is required, and this is due to the fact that many of the signs can only be determined by a trained dentist. Physical symptoms of the need for a root canal typically do not start until the problem has become more advanced, which is why if you read any of the signs that we list in this blog, it is essential to see a dentist right away.

Dental root canals are used to save and repair teeth that have become decayed or infected. When the part of the tooth that is composed of blood vessels and nerves is damaged, it needs to be removed while the inside of the tooth is cleaned and then sealed. When you suspect that you have a problem with one or more of your teeth, here are signs you may need a root canal:

Persistent Pain of the Teeth, Gums, & Mouth

 Pain in your teeth is one of the primary indicators that something is wrong with the root. If constant pain is stopping you from doing normal activities like drinking or eating, you need to see a dentist as soon as you can. Your dentist will examine the tooth or teeth that are bugging you to see if there are any nerves or blood vessels that are infected or inflamed. Antibiotics can fix the pain when identified in the early stages, but your dentist might choose to do a root canal to provide a more permanent pain relief solution.

Tooth & Gum Pain in Gurnee IL - Dentists

Teeth Discoloration

Discolored teeth can be the result of food and drink stains, nerve damage beneath the tooth’s surface, or poor dental hygiene. When the discoloration is the result of damaged blood vessels, it will be necessary for your dentist to perform a root canal to repair the damaged root.

Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

Chipping or cracking teeth is very common; it can happen from something as simple as eating to contact sports to when previous dental procedures don’t work out. When a tooth gets chipped or cracked, it will expose the nerve beneath the surface and lead to infection. Infections within the root of the tooth can spread. An untreated infection requires a root canal to prevent further long-lasting problems and pain.

Gurnee IL Root Canal Warning Signs

Teeth Sensitivity To Heat or Cold

Another prevalent sign that you may need a root canal is extreme sensitivity to hot and cold. When your tooth aches while drinking or eating hot or cold food and drinks, it is a problem. Small aches will progress into sharp, unbearable pain when left untreated.

Prolonged Teeth Sensitivity

When you put pressure on your tooth, does it hurt? Does that sensitivity to touch last for weeks or months without any signs of improvement? Then a root canal with the experienced dentists at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center may be the answer. Prolonged tooth sensitivity is usually the result of a damaged root, and unfortunately, they will not heal on their own. When you want the pain to stop running your life and keep infections away, your dentist will stop at nothing to help you.

Pain in Gums Dental Treatments in Gurnee Illinois

Swollen Gums

Another sign of problems beneath the surface of the teeth is swollen gums. When your gums are in extreme pain and are swollen, your dentist Beautiful Smiles Dental Center will examine the swollen gums to see if inflammation is the culprit. If inflamed gums do not improve, a root canal will be needed.

Irreversible Tooth Decay

Unfortunately, once the tooth has experienced deep decay, no amount of flossing, brushing, or rinsing the mouth will solve the problem at hand. When a cavity has been neglected for too long, it will spread down into the nerve and the root of the tooth. In these cases, root canals are the only option for repair.

Remember to make your oral hygiene one of your top priorities. Brushing and flossing your teeth in the morning is essential, alongside regular dentist visits. When you neglect your teeth, infection and disease will put a damper on your life and put you in unbearable pain. Don’t wait, and call Beautiful Smiles Dental Center away.

Don’t Panic, Beautiful Smiles Dental Center is Always Here To Help!

Pain in Teeth, Gums, & Mouth - Gurnee, IL Dentistry

When you suspect that you have an issue with your teeth that can only be fixed with a root canal, take a deep breath. Though they are not at the top of anyone’s list for a great time, root canals do not have to be painful or scary. The quicker you get your issue diagnosed by a trained professional, the less time you will have to live in pain. Like any other procedure, you will experience some minor aches and sensitivity following the treatment; these small pains will go away in no time. When you are experiencing tooth pain, the best thing to do is contact Beautiful Smiles and MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE.

Contact Beautiful Smiles Today

When you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or have any questions regarding these signs, contact us immediately. Our welcoming, professional, and friendly staff is ready to help you with any dental concerns that you have. Learn more about our root canal procedures here, and contact us when you suspect you need dental help.




Ways to Enhance your Smile in 2020

dental services near park city IL

Studies have shown that more than a staggering 33% of Americans are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Not having a smile that you feel comfortable sharing can have a negative impact on your life – many people believe that a more beautiful smile will lead to a better social life, love life and professional life.


If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, then you can do something about it! We’re going to explore four incredible ways to enhance your smile in 2020, so you can kick off a brand-new decade with a smile that fills you with happiness and confidence.


Here’s how the expert team at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center in Gurnee IL can help you to transform your smile this year:

Cosmetic Dentistry in Gurnee IL

Cosmetic dentistry could be the answer to achieving that breath-taking smile that you’ve been dreaming of. This type of dentistry is all about correcting and improving smiles to help people fall back in love with one of their most defining facial features.

There are many treatments that fall under the bracket of cosmetic dentistry, some of which we’ll cover later in this article. These treatments can address all manner of common dental complaints, including gaps between teeth, discoloration, chips and uneven teeth.

Using modern technology and techniques, the Gurnee dentists at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center can help you to achieve a flawless smile with treatments such as:

  • BondingA composite material that’s attached to the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance after damage or due to discoloration.
  • FillingsMade from porcelain or composite, fillings improve aesthetic appearance and restore the shape and function of teeth after damage.
  • Onlays & InlaysNatural-looking indirect fillings used to fill cavities when a more durable material than that of traditional fillings is required.
  • Dental CrownsA cap designed to repair and protect damaged teeth, while restoring a natural-looking appearance.
  • Teeth WhiteningA highly popular treatment that involves the professional removal of stains to make teeth more radiant.

Where the shape, size, position, alignment or color of a person’s teeth isn’t perfect, cosmetic dentistry can be the solution. You can discuss your options for cosmetic dentistry treatment by contacting Beautiful Smiles Dental Center – a leading choice for modern cosmetic dental treatments in Gurnee IL.

Invisalign Dentist in Gurnee

Chicago Invisalign Clear Aligners

Another fantastic cosmetic treatment is Invisalign. Invisalign is very similar in principle to traditional metal braces, but thanks to modern advancements in dental technology, this corrective treatment is virtually invisible!

An Invisalign Dentist in Gurnee IL can treat a range of problems that make people unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, such as crossbite, gaps, crowded teeth and open bite. Treatment involves wearing a series of aligners that are designed to reshape teeth over the course of around 12 months.

The unique design of Invisalign aligners means they cause only minimal disruption during use – they’re barely noticeable and won’t irritate your mouth in any way. The comfort, low maintenance, removability and effectiveness of Invisalign braces make them a popular choice for adults looking to enhance their smiles.

With 3D technology, you can get an idea of the end results before you even begin Invisalign treatment at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center!

Dental Implants in Gurnee IL

Dental Implants in Chicago

If you dream of a picture-perfect smile in 2020, then how about considering dental implants in Gurnee IL? Dental implants are one of the best treatments available to restore a person’s smile after a disease or accident that resulted in the loss of one or more of their teeth.

The permanent implant – inserted into the jaw – is an effective way to enhance a smile and restore function. The implants don’t corrode, require special maintenance or need to be repaired regularly – they’re a strong and lasting solution for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants can give you back lost confidence after a tooth extraction, so you won’t ever feel like you have to hide your smile or worry about talking, laughing or eating like normal! While dental implant treatment can take a few months to complete, the comfort and natural look and feel of the implants can have a life-long positive impact on your smile.

Dental Veneers near Gurnee IL

Dental Vaneers in Chicago IL - Dentist in Gurnee IL

If Invisalign, dental implants and the other cosmetic treatments we’ve already covered don’t sound right for you, then maybe dental veneers in Gurnee IL are the perfect treatment to enhance your smile this year.

Dental veneers are a very thin layer of either porcelain or composite that’s designed to cover part or all of the outer surface of a tooth. Veneers may be the ideal choice for you if you have discolored teeth or you’re unhappy with their shape or size. Veneers can cover problems with tooth alignment, gaps, chips and cracks caused by everything from persistent grinding to staining and accidents.

Much like dental implants, dental veneers can have a long-term impact on the appearance of your smile. Typically, veneers last for 10 years or more, so you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile at least until the end of the decade! Not only do veneers last for a long time, but they’re resistant to staining, look natural and require only minimally invasive treatment.

Contact Beautiful Smiles Dental Center

Are you ready to start 2020 with a beautiful new smile and the boost in confidence you’re looking for to make this next decade the best of your life? The experienced dental experts at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center are on hand to make your dreams a reality with some of the best cosmetic dental treatments in Gurnee IL.

For more information about dental veneers, Invisalign, dental implants or any of the incredible cosmetic dental treatments that we have available at Beautiful Smiles Dental Center, contact us today. We’re here to give you the best solutions to your dental concerns, whether you require general, restorative or cosmetic dentistry services in Gurnee.




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